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What to expect in the waiting room

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Security Guard
Refugee Claimants
Witnesses Child Claimant Caregiver Lawyer Refugee Claimants Refugee Claimants
Reception Refugee Claimants Support Person Refugee Claimants

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Waiting Room

Security Guard

1. Security guard

The security guard can help if there is an emergency.


2. Reception

The person at the reception counter can tell you the room number for your hearing. There is a TV screen in the waiting room that shows the room number and time for all hearings taking place that day, listed by file number. If your hearing is delayed, cancelled or moved to another room or time, this will be shown on the screen.

Refugee Claimants

3. Refugee claimants

You need to let reception know that you have arrived for your hearing. Check-in for morning hearings begins at 8:00 am and for afternoon hearings at 12:30 pm.

Refugee Claimants

4. Refugee claimants

After checking in with reception you can wait until it is time to go to your hearing room.


5. Witnesses

If you have any witnesses, they wait outside the hearing room until they are called in to testify. After they give their evidence, the Board member can let them stay in the hearing room for the rest of the hearing if you agree.

Child Claimant

6. Child claimant

If you have children under the age of 18 attending the hearing, they do not stay in the hearing room after the hearing begins.


7. Caregiver

If your claim includes young children and the Immigration and Refugee Board has said they must come to the hearing, someone needs to come with you to take care of them after the hearing begins.


8. Lawyer

On the day of the hearing, your lawyer will usually meet you in the waiting room.

Support Person

9. Support person

You may choose to bring a family member, friend, or other support person on the day of your hearing.