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Tips & Resources

Are you preparing for your refugee hearing? Do you have questions about what evidence you need to collect, or what happens during and after your hearing? We have some practical information to help you through the process.

This information is divided into 3 sections:

  • Before your hearing includes information about:
    • what to do if you need help to pay for a lawyer
    • filing your Basis of Claim Form
    • gathering evidence
    • asking to change the date of your hearing
  • On the day of your hearing includes information about:
    • what to bring to your hearing
    • getting to your hearing
    • what happens at a hearing
    • what happens if you don’t go to your hearing
  • After your hearing includes information about:
    • the decision
    • what you can do after your claim is accepted
    • what you can do if your claim is rejected

We also have a page of helpful links that includes a guide for refugee claimants.

Applying for refugee status in Canada is complicated. We give only basic information about the process. It is important to try to get legal help.

Ready Tour

Ready Tour is a free program that helps you prepare for your refugee hearing. Register now.

You can also register for a free session on how to prepare for an appeal at the RAD.