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Providing documents to the Refugee Protection Division

Translating documents in support of your claim

You will need to have documents translated if they are not in English or French.  It is best to use a professional translator because a poor translation can seriously affect your chances of success.

Each translation should include a signed statement by the translator giving their name and the language (and dialect, if any) that the documents are translated from. The translator must also say that the translation is accurate.

Filing documents in support of your claim

The rules say that you must file copies of documents that you have in support of your claim with the Refugee Protection Division (RPD) at least 10 days before your hearing date. In the case of identity documents, you are supposed to file two copies of the document with the RPD.

All documents that you file should be on standard letter-size paper. Put your file number on all the documents that you file. Put all the documents together as a set and number the pages. Add a list that describes each document and include its page number in the set.

Keep the originals of the copies that you file with the RPD and bring them to your hearing.

You can file documents by

You cannot file your documents by email.

You should ask for proof that you filed documents with the RPD in case you need to prove that you filed them and the date.

If you file them or have a courier deliver the documents, you should include an extra copy. The RPD can date-stamp the extra copy. If you fax the documents, get a fax confirmation sheet. Bring proof of filing to your hearing.

If you have been given a notice that Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) or the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) is opposing your claim, you must:

  1. File copies of your documents with IRCC or CBSA before you file them with the RPD.
  2. Include a written statement saying how and when you filed copies with IRCC or CBSA and add it to the documents you file with the RPD.

Providing information about witnesses

Tell your lawyer if you think there are people who can give evidence that could help your case. If you have witnesses who will testify at your hearing, the rules say you must give the RPD certain information about them in writing at least 10 days before your hearing.

If a witness cannot attend your hearing, they might be able to testify over the phone or sign a statutory declaration (sworn statement) giving their evidence in writing.

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