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您已在加拿大提出难民申请了吗?您想知道更多关于难民聆讯的信息吗?看看位于多伦多的Immigration and Refugee Board(移民和难民委员会)的聆讯室是什么样子,了解哪些人可能会出席您的聆讯,以及他们的职责作用分别是什么。



在加拿大申请难民身份是非常复杂的。我们仅提供相关程序的基本信息。您应该尝试寻求 法律帮助。

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Your Refugee Hearing

Have you made a refugee claim in Canada? Do you want to know more about refugee hearings? See what a hearing room at the Immigration and Refugee Board in Toronto looks like, and learn about who may be at your hearing and what they do.

Before your hearing starts, you check in at reception in the waiting room. Your lawyer and any witnesses also wait there.

Here’s some practical information to help you:

Applying for refugee status in Canada is complicated. We give only basic information about the process. You should try to get legal help.

Ready Tour

Ready Tour is a free program that helps you prepare for your refugee hearing. Register now.

Refugee Rights in Ontario

A CLEO website for those working with refugee claimants.

Refugee claim process flow chart

Refugee Claim Process